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Sofy Compact


Thick unfolded cotton touch pads for heavy flow days

NEWSofy Compact

Sofy Compact Large pads With Wings

Sofy Compact Regular pads With Wings

Are you confined to home during the days of heavy flow?
Are you staying back from long travels fearing the delay between the changes?
Are you restricting yourself from outdoor activities panicking the chance of leakage?
Here comes Sofy to help you to overcome these hard times.
Sofy compact large pads with wings will give a hand for women on the days of heavy flow and sleep times with it's unique features that will keep you comfortable just as in normal days• Sofy Compact pads are made of pure cotton to ensure 100% absorbency.
• Designed in a fashionable and comfortable way
• Flexible wings to provide you with security and protection


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Sofy Compact Large With Wings  



Sofy Compact Regular With Wings  



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