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Corporate Philosophy


We clearly state and practice the set of values & principles of action to share and realize the Unicharm Ideals.

“We strive to pursue proper corporate management principles which combine corporate growth, associate well-being and the fulfillment of our social responsibilities.” In our 1974 mission statement, we advocated the principle that society and companies should grow together, and we have made this a management guideline ever since. In 1999, we announced “Beliefs and Pledges and Corporate Principles of Action” and “Five Great Pillars and Associated Principles of Action.” These clearly state the set of values that associates should share with the Unicharm Ideals, and the code of conduct based on these values. In FY2004, we formulated “Action Guidelines” that identify cases showing these principles of action from a compliance standpoint, and strive to disseminate them across all our associates.

Unicharm's corporate philosophy system 

Unicharm Ideals

1 We contribute to creating a better quality of life for everyone by offering the finest products and services to the market & customers, both in Japan & abroad.

2. We strive to pursure proper corporate management principles that combine corporate associate well-being and the fulfillment of our social responsibilities.

3. We bring forward the fruits of cooperation based on integrity & harmony, by respecting the independence of the individual and striving to promote the Five Great Pillars.

(Established in 1974)


Beliefs, Pledges & Corporate Principles of Action

Pledge to our customers

We pledge to earn the full support of customers by always doing everything we can.

Pledge to our shareholders

We pledge to distribute industry-leading returns to shareholders.

Pledge to business partners

We pledge to achieve mutual growth by maintaining a fair and equitable relationship.

Pledge to associates

We pledge to achieve the happiness of associates and their family members by filling each of them with confidence and pride.

Pledge to society

We pledge to contribute to the economic and emotional fulfillment of the entire population through our corporate activities.

(Established in 1999)


The Five Great Pillars and Associate Principles of Action

Creativity & Innovation

We respect the creation of new society values & maintain a spirit that always seeks out innovation.


We follow the footsteps of our founder, striving to uncover issues from a company-wide perspective & olve them to achieve our management targets.

Challenging Spirit

We will continue to transform our abilities without fear of failure and maintain a positive attitude, based on our belief in the capacity of challenge to tap into unlimited potential.


We will become leaders who are able to motivate others with our own determination by clearly showing the way for the organization to follow.

Fair play

We will carry out fair corporate activities that combine the spirit of respecting human life and dignity with high ethical standards.

(Established in 1971 and revised in 1999)


Unicharm Group's Action Guidelines

The Action Guidelines show how to act using Unicharm Ideals and Principles of Action into practice.
Associates in the Unicharm Group use them as a guideline for making decisions and taking action in their daily work.


The Three DNAs

Unicharm Corporation was founded in 1961 with capital of 3 million yen and 24 employees, in Kawanoe-city (now Shikoku Chuo-city), Ehime Prefecture.

Today, there are more than 6,000 people working within the Group, and its activities have widened to encompass not only Japan but also other countries, mainly Asia but also the Middle East, Europe and regions around the world.

In spite of the changes, Unicharm has cultivated a corporate culture and spirit called the Three DNAs, which have been passed down since its inception.

The Three DNAs represent Unicharm's values, which support the company's activities at its root, and which are shared by everyone from senior management to each one of its employees.

The Three DNAs 

Maintain our No.1 position through continued and dedicated service

The company can be No.1 only if it remains dedicated to providing outstanding customer satisfaction at all times.
As the No.1 company, we are obliged to continue providing exceptional satisfaction that no other has ever provided.
To achieve this purpose, all employees need to be united in knowledge and actions so as to continue to do our best.

Changing values

Changes generate new values.
People grow by changing, and business outcomes improve as a result.
Changes need to be improved to the level where new values are created.

Find reason within ourselves

All reason and responsibilities can be addressed to ourselves.
We should always listen carefully to others and look into what is missing in ourselves when things go wrong, without shifting the responsibility to others.
By seeking explanations within ourselves, we can learn from our mistakes and continue to grow.


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